About the Youth Sellers

Rainabobaina's is proud to announce local youth artists. We have a variety of Middle School & High School artist selling they talent a piece at a time.  We are always looking for more talent artists to join our store. Call, message or email the store for details.

Making gifts and everyday products by hand was fast becoming a lost art. By encouraging our kids to express themselves through creating we are keeping handmade alive 1 generation at a time. 

Great things never come from inside of comfort zones. That's how I feel. Selling slime here as a 10 year old was not inside my comfort zone but i did it anyway. Didn't I?


 Gwen is an amazing young lady and has a bright future as an entrepreneur.

Caitlyn's Creations

Caitlyn has been creating since a very young age. She loves to paint.





Katie is your average middle schooler. When Katie is not studying hard, hanging out with friends or participating in extra school activities she enjoys making Bath Bombs in a Bag or friendship bracelets.